That's Italia Art at Ice Park

The Cultural Association "That's Italia Art"  present he second edition of our Italian Cinema cultural event and the personal Art Exhibition of the artist Anna Laura Millacci. That's Italia Art meets Cinema: Cristina Capraro accompanies us through the portraits of Anna Laura Millacci in a picturesque journey through the most beautiful and significant in the history of Italian Cinema. The Exposition is open all day from 16 february 2013 to 13 march 2013 at the "Library of the Soul" - Icepark - Rome - Viale Tor di Quinto 55.


Event: Art Meet Cinema at Ice Park

When: 6 february 2013 to 13 march 2013 

Where: Icepark - Rome

             Viale Tor di Quinto 55

Located at:  "Library of the Soul" - 

Invited: public


Opening Program:

-    Opening  Conference by Cristina Capraro

-    Art exhibithion of the That's italia art collection  

-   TV  Interview and presentation by Anna Laura Millacci

-   Cocktail and buffet

-   Video Projection of historical Italian Movies

-   Friendly performance by the great violinist Maestro Olen Cesari

Press Realise for "Il Messaggero" by Lucilla Quaglia


The paintings in pop art style of Anna Laura Millacci to the Library of the Soul of Ice Park Many celebrities from the world of culture and entertainment have reached in the winter village of Tor di Quinto avenue for the exhibition-event of Anna Laura Millacci
The Ice Park Avenue Tor di Quinto is populated by celebrities. It ‘happened 16 february in the spaces of the Cultural Library of the Soul, who has welcomed many actors, managers and talent of music. 
Reason: admire the style of pop art exhibition Anna Laura Millacci, a series of portraits of the characters that have made the history of Italian cinema in the world like Vittorio Gassman, Marcello Mastroianni, Monica Vitti, Ugo Tognazzi, Mariangela Spalato, Sandra Milo, Ornella Muti and Bud Spencer.
Greeted by the owner of the Ice Park Andrea De Angelis and Alfonso Rossi admire the beautiful paint the singer Massimo Di Cataldo, a companion of the painter, the host Marco Di Buono, the actress Giorgia Bongianni, the eclectic artist Iranian Howtan King, the artist Piera Scognamiglio, the Chinese manager Chiaki Lin and Simonetta Cosimini, which collaborates with the Library. 
To accompany the evening Viale Tor di Quinto's performance Olen Cesari teacher who, with his amazing violin transparent , did dance some pair and has retraced some of the classic movies of the 50 'and 60' evoking emotions related to stars of "Dolce Vita”.
"Some of the works on display - explains the Millacci - are taken from photos provided by the artists themselves or their families who will receive the gift of the work as a tribute to the career.”  The exhibition-event will be visible to the Ice Park until Saturday, February 23 to arrive soon in Russia and China.

Lucilla Quaglia - (Il Messaggero, Roma) Press Release