THAT'S ITALIA at Auditrorium Rome

Anna Laura Millacci presented her works at Roma Film Festival, in the Foyer of the screening room of the "Alice nella Città" pavilion (from 9 - 17 November 2012) with an exhibition during Rome Cinema Film Festival.  Three works from this collection: Quentin Tarantino, Franco Nero and Leonardo Di Caprio, are exhibited in the Foyer of the screening room of the "Alice nella Città".

The artist has chosen to pay homage to one of the Festival’s most prestigious films: "Django Unchained" by Quentin Tarantino.

With courtesy of Prof. Mario Morcellini, Dean of the Department of Communication and Social Research at the Università La Sapienza - Rome

This event was held jointly with the Rome International Film Festival 2012, departement of Alice nella città, in partnership with the University  of Communication and Social Research of the Università La Sapienza and That's Italia Art Cultural Association.