Main Services:


 We realize a series of special  Events  focus designed to develop the Italian ExcellenceS, providing  to create a unique international window 


Wes designed and realized  music show, concert,  entertainment, live international productions in the most exclusive venues


We presents a diverse schedule of solo and collective art exhibitions, which are open to the public and feature the work of artists from around the world. We also feature exhibitions in which we collaborate with and feature art organizations.


Our expertise is realize a series of special fairs and events.  Our goal is dedicated to building and promoting the gathering and the cultural exchanges between international contemporary artists, art galleries and art collectors.


Our experienced staff is highly professional and able to create the awarness and social event you need!


We create professional websites, social media marketing and corporate communicationfor every type of  events.

The association That’s Italia! has set as its goal to bring together and allow different cultures to interact, recounting the stories of countries that can enrich us with their passion, professionalism, creativity and distinctive nature. Cultural exchanges and encounters are elements towards which humanity must strive to avoid conflict and achieve a vision of reality that differs from one’s own, yet respects and preserves uniqueness, just like the many facets of a diamond.

Why we are different

Today, a nation’s credibility is its most valuable asset, affecting future economic decisions and investments. Countries generally employ their very best resources to showcase their most resounding qualities and improve their reputation and image.
For our aim every nation should highlight its specific qualities in the best possible manner, in an effort to establish itself in the eyes of the world. 

We promote creativity and ingenuity over the centuries, in order to contribute to creating a country that is increasingly aware of its positive dynamic factors, and is capable of recognising and recreating them.